1 The retractions came only months after BioMed Central.

The problem may be the perverse incentive systems in scientific publishing. Provided that authors are rewarded for publishing many content and editors are rewarded for publishing them quickly, new ways of gaming the original publication versions will be invented more quickly than new control methods can be put in place.. Charlotte J. Haug, M.D., Ph.D.1 The retractions came only months after BioMed Central, an open-access publisher also owned by Springer, retracted 43 content for the same reason. How can you really fake peer review? Moon, who studies medicinal vegetation, had set up a simple treatment. He gave journals recommendations for peer reviewers for his manuscripts, providing them with e-mail and titles addresses.They can give rise to many types of specialized cells, such as blood, muscle and nerve cells. While embryonic stem cells, which are derived from very early embryos, can handle generating all types of cells in the physical body during regular development, adult stem cells have lost this potential. Adult stem cells differentiate to create cells from the tissue where they originate.

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