10 rules to avoid child drownings Summer has arrived.

Larry J. Baraff, professor of crisis and pediatrics medicine in the David Geffen College of Medicine in UCLA.S. Hospital emergency departments for pool submersion injuries and 280 pool-related drowning deaths each year. Ninety % of the deaths occurred at home. Parents should follow these 10 basic guidelines to prevent a kid drowning: Never leave a kid unattended or with a sibling in a pool, wading pool, bath tub or hot tub. Pools ought to be fenced and gated with self-locking gates. This includes pools located in neighborhoods, apartment complexes, family members backyards, etc. Pools must be kept clean, with no addresses or rafts that might obstruct one’s look at of a child.AAO-HNSF to concern the 1st guideline for helping physicians manage dysphonia Brand-new recommendations from ENT doctors in the management of a common voice problem in adults and childrenThe American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation will issue the first–and only–national medical practice guideline to help healthcare practitioners identify and manage patients with hoarseness, known as dysphonia also. The guideline emphasizes evidence-based administration of hoarseness by clinicians, and educates patients on the prevalence of the common vocal ailment.