4th Annual eMarketing Summit Europe 2009 April 27-28.

Join the 2009 2009 Summit and obtain clean perspectives on how best to revitalise your online promotions by introducing better measurement, execution and coordination strategies into your Marketing Blend. At no other time and in no other place can you find such a higher concentration of know-how and innovative suggestions in one venue! Some of the warm topics to end up being adressed in the Summit: Changing role of eMarketing groups: profile, training and development: Obtain the answers to such questions as: What’s the profile of people responsible for your on-line strategies? Just how many people should be involved and how exactly to train and develop them? Branding and eMarketing: The move from product technique to implementation: Learn brand-new ways to better align your brand program and digital methods to facilitate cohesive human relationships between your clients and brands.Scientific evidence shows that inhibitors of the PFKFB3 enzyme block glucose uptake in cancer cells therefore inhibiting tumor cells proliferation and tumor growth. Choline Kinase: Choline Kinase, the enzyme in charge of the phosphorylation of choline into phosphocholine, is over expressed generally in most solid tumors including lung, breast, ovarian, brain and prostate cancers. ACT’s medicinal chemists are suffering from over 150 rationally designed, potent substance inhibitors that inhibit choline kinase enzymatic activity, cell proliferation and tumor development in xenograft studies. ‘Dr. Chesney is definitely a thought-leader in cancer metabolism and his study has always been top quality and cutting-advantage,’ stated Randall Riggs, President & CEO of ACT.