A century of patents reveal secret history of U.

A century of patents reveal secret history of U.S here . Weather control programs Have the U.S. Federal government and American researchers been toying with the notion of controlling, changing or elsewhere adapting the weather? According to the comprehensive and exhaustive set of patents, the answer is yes. In fact, researchers have spent days gone by century attempting to develop climate and climate control technologies. But a 1999 research by the U.S. Air Power nailed it: Within three years, the report’s authors concluded, the United States military must have perfected solutions to control weather.

By giving scientists the capability to manufacture structures from the bottom up, to precise molecular specifications, nanotechnology is frequently hailed as innovative in its potential to transform the way that we harvest energy, store and transfer information, and eat. But nanotechnology is easily weaponized and has the potential to take on a complete life of its own. According to io9, the threat of nanotechnology is definitely two-fold: It gets the potential to deconstruct into both unchecked self-replication and exponential growth. If this will occur unexpectedly, or end up being brought about intentionally, governments and additional ominous forces could unleash it into the world and trigger a self-replicating army of planet-eliminating ‘biomass killers,’ which would leave within their wake an countless stream of worthless ‘grey goo’ byproducts.