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Therapeutic ultrasound device – physical therapy device for flexible use of mechanical waves to frequencies of 1 and 3 MHz. A device with trofotropnm, antiedematznm physical and analgesic effects and positive impact on the surface and deep structure of the affected tissue.

Electrotherapy unit – Electrotherapy for flexible application of specific therapeutic currents particular trofotropnm, analgesic and myorelaxacnm physical effect on the affected tissue.

Laser device – Electro-therapy enables flexible use stationary, pulsed and modulated magnetic particularly trofotropnm, analgesic, myorelaxacnm and physical healing process of the affected tissue.

Electrotherapy unit with electrical stimulation myostimulacnm trofotropnm particular, analgesic or myorelaxacnm physical effect on the affected tissue.Callback was decided to FDA ‘s determination that be applied the oral of sodium phosphate solutions for bowel preparations prior to medical procedures such colonoscopy, available only by prescription to tackle, and the consumers should not be for using over-the counter products colon cleansing. Since fleets Phospho-soda products are currently labeled and sold over-the -counter products, fleets decided to for voluntarily removed as quickly as possible as soon as possible the decision of the FDA that the auf Rezept by prescription simply addressing of.

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