A good fight with your spouse may be best for your health!

Couples in which both the husband and wife suppress their anger when one episodes the other die sooner than members of couples where one or both partners communicate their anger and resolve the conflict, relating to preliminary outcomes of a University of Michigan research. Researchers viewed 192 couples over 17 years and positioned the lovers into among four categories: both partners communicate their anger; in the second and third organizations one spouse expresses while the other suppresses; and both wife and husband suppress their anger and brood, said Ernest Harburg, professor emeritus with the U-M School of Open public Health and the Psychology Division, and lead author.Additional data were collected on selected baseline illnesses and cause-specific deaths. Person data from participating cohorts had been collected and harmonized for the statistical analysis. This study was authorized by the ethics committee overseeing each one of the participating studies and by the ethics committee at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Written or oral consent was obtained from all the subjects who participated in the study. A total of 1 1,155,676 subjects were included in the 19 participating cohorts.