A regular dairy marketing record for others and farmers with an intention in the dairy industry.

As Calvin Coolidge put it, The business enterprise of America, is certainly business! Nowhere in the dairy sector has that philosophy been truer than the exemplory case of the dairy empire constructed by Suiza Foods Company CEO Greg Engels, known as Dean Foods now. Dean’s was one among the many acquisitions Engels come up with to create the biggest dairy empire in the United States. Although accused of crushing competition, both on the retail level and at the farmgate , my message today primarily concerns their investments in the organic industry.Buying in to the myth that banning guns will prevent gun crimes somehow, those against SB 11 appear ignorant to the actual fact that when non-criminals have guns on the person, criminals are less likely to open up fire on innocents. Criminals, in the end, don’t follow regulations to begin with, so why would they pay any interest whatsoever to concealed bring laws? Seven additional U.S. States currently allow concealed keep on university campuses. These include Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, Utah, Wisconsin and Oregon. Ironically plenty of, UT has already established concealed keep on its campus for several decades without concern, which is why some are actually questioning the faculty associates’ motives for opposing the measure.