Additional financing to fund Advaxis cervical cancer trials Advaxis.

However, except as provided in the Notes otherwise, only 85 percent of the initial principal amount of every Note is convertible at any time after issuance and the rest is certainly convertible at maturity. Regarding the the Agreement, the Company released a warrant to each investor to acquire up to such amount of shares of Common Share equal to 50 percent of such number of Conversion Shares, issuable upon exercise of the Note issued to such Investor as of the Closing Date with an exercise price of $0.15. This additional financing can help fund the progress of our trials in cervical cancers in India and in CIN 2/3 in america, among our other studies.As such, there is an urgent dependence on biomarkers which can diagnose this disease as soon as possible, estimate a reaction to chemotherapy or radiotherapy in individuals and predict the entire survival rate of sufferers undergoing treatment. How ADAR1 acts as a biomarker In normal human being cells, deoxyribonucleic acid , which comprises the genetic code, serves as a template for the complete production of ribonucleic acid such that the DNA code and RNA code are similar. Editing is a process in which RNA is transformed after it is produced from DNA, resulting in an altered gene product.