Adult stem cells hold hope for treatment of lupus With a patients own adult stem cells.

There is absolutely no treatment for SLE and symptoms can be controlled just temporarily through steroids or immunosuppressive medications. This debilitating disease can be painful and unbearable. Some individuals with lupus have suicidal thoughts because of its life-threatening symptoms. Recently, a female individual with lupus who was simply referred to as the joyful evangelist committed suicide from the immense discomfort. Dr. Jeong Chan Ra stated, Based on this study, diseases that are tough to treat, such as lupus have very much potential to become treated through stem cell injection. We will our analysis to find ways to cure chronic diseases additional. .. Adult stem cells hold hope for treatment of lupus With a patient’s own adult stem cells, there is new expect the intractable autoimmune disease lupus – systemic lupus erythematosus – which is difficult to cure.USRTK: Public deserves to learn about flow of cash and degree of coordination between Big Ag and public university researchers The FOIA demand sought to acquire emails and documents from 43 general public university faculty and staff for more information about the biotech industry’s pr strategies. Records were requested from researchers, economists, regulation professors, extension communicators and specialists, all of whom are employed by taxpayer-funded public organizations and steadily promote GMO agriculture beneath the independent research.