AHF delegation meets with WHO and UNAIDS.

The AHF group met with Kevin De Cock, M.D. , Director of the WHO HIV/AIDS Division, Ying-Ru Lo, M.D. , Coordinator, Prevention in medical Sector, Division of F and HIV/AIDS. Amolo Okero , Complex Officer, Department of HIV/Helps. Present at the UNAIDS meeting had been Barbara de Zalduondo , Chief of Programmatic Priorities Support, Evidence, Policy and Monitoring Department; Michael Bartos , Chief, Avoidance, Support and Treatment and Karusa Kiragu , Senior Prevention Advisor.All sufferers visiting a breast cancers clinic were evaluated pre-op by a multidisciplinary group, and yields of cells acquired from the breast lump had been improved by only allowing trained experts to do the breast punctures and by raising the use of picture guided biopsies. 22 groups around Holland took part, and 19 achieved a waiting around time of one week. Numerous others achieved 2-3 3 weeks far away, but few got the next time to diagnosis right down to seven days . And magnificently, all 22 teams had their sufferers in the operating room for surgical treatment within 3 weeks, 10 groups doing this within 2 weeks. If the Netherlands can do this Surely, every other European country must strive harder to reproduce this exemplary overall performance. Ingrid Kvssler, President of Europa Donna comments, One of the worst experiences a woman can suffer is the delay and uncertainty which comes after suspicion of a tumor in the breasts.