Air-con coil reduces over-all sickness by 20 percent In a study published in The Lancet.

After studying the effects of Sanuvox UV CoilCleaners in three Montreal offices over a period of 48 weeks, the experts found it acquired a substantial impact in reducing reported work-related ailments, Menzies said. A complete of 771 employees from three different public and private buildings in Montreal were mixed up in double blind research sponsored by the Medical Research Council and The National Institute for Occupational Security and Wellness . Starting in 2001, the patent-pending Sanuvox UV CoilClean Purifiers were turned on for four weeks, and then turned off for 12 weeks. The cycle was repeated three times for a complete year.Katz, vice president of Grant Programs and Special Initiatives, will share her experience on successful employment initiatives in a display titled, Building on the Momentum: Igniting Public-Private Partnerships. Rodgers , Seth Harris, performing Secretary of Labor, Kathy Krepcio, executive director of the Heldrich Center for Workforce Advancement at Rutgers University, Keith Wiedenkeller, seat of the USBLN, Randy Lewis of Walgreen's, Terry Mazany of The Chicago Community Trust, Lt. Col Daniel Gade, US Army, Chip Rossi of the lender of America, and Governor Markell, chair of the National Governors' Association .