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VESA standard mounting holes can be found on every device for easy deployment into any installation. Whether your application takes a industrial off the shelf unit, or a fully customized food-safe Panel Personal computer, AIS gets the flexibility to meet up your requirement. Related StoriesNew era of RNAscope products for RNA-biomarker evaluation in FFPE tissue releasedAMSBIO launches Mimetix 3D cell tradition scaffolds for medication discovery, oncology researchResearchers discover that 26 percent of senior oncology patients make use of complementary or alternative medicines BATON-CRC, led by Astellas, is an open-label, randomized Phase 2 study with a principal endpoint analyzing the superiority of tivozanib in conjunction with modified FOLFOX6, a typical chemotherapy, compared to bevacizumab in conjunction with modified FOLFOX6 as first-line treatment in sufferers with advanced metastatic CRC.If someone will have sex, the simplest way to reduce the potential for getting an STD is to apply a condom every time . Those who are considering having sex should get regular male or gynecological genital examinations. There are two known reasons for this. First, these exams give doctors an opportunity to teach people about STDs and protecting themselves. And second, regular examinations give doctors more possibilities to check for STDs while they’re still within their earliest, most treatable stage. To ensure that these exams and visits to the doctor to be helpful, people have to tell their doctors if they’re thinking about having sex or if indeed they have previously started having sex. That is true for all sorts of sex — oral, vaginal, and anal.