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He is currently a professor in the departments of radiation oncology and neurological operation at the University of California SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and co-director of the Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Plan at Washington Hospital Healthcare Program in Fremont, Calif. Dr. Larson received his doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago in Illinois and his medical degree from the University of Miami in Florida. He finished his internship at the University of California SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and his residency at the Harvard Medical School Joint Centers for Radiation Therapy in Boston, where he was chief resident.Types of nonstimulant medications include atomoxetine , guanfacine , and clonidine . Medicines that are accustomed to treat depression often, like bupropion and venlafaxine , can also be helpful in the treating ADHD for a few individuals. As whatever is ingested posesses risk of side effects, it is necessary for the ADHD sufferer and his or her family to function closely with the prescribing doctor to decide whether treatment with medicines is an suitable intervention and, if so, which medication ought to be administered. The types of side effects caused by a medication are extremely specific to which medicine it really is and to the group of medications it is in. The individual being treated should consequently discuss potential medicines with their treating doctor and be carefully monitored for the chance of side effects that can change from minor to serious, and can even be life-threatening rarely.