Announces that it is owned subsidiary Activus Pharma Co wholly.

is to receive a grant for its Advancement of Innovative Ophthalmic Solutions from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization , an Incorporated Administrative Agency beneath the Ministry of Overall economy, Trade and Industry as a part of their FY2011 Innovation Promotion Program. The grant is awarded to private sector companies that concentrate on advancement of advanced technology with request, and is designed to enhance the global competitiveness of Japanese businesses, as well as to promote development of brand-new industries. Using Activus Pure Nano-particle Technology and surface-modified nanoparticle technology, Activus is certainly focusing on advancement of high value-added items that would solve the problems existing formulations are facing.CFNM should be experienced only among ready participants. Prideful display Most guys who take part in CFNM do so in order to screen their sexuality in a prideful way. The female partner is often encouraged to praise his penis and the man’s prowess with it. Frequently this can be therapeutic for men who’ve been taught to experience shame about their sexual desires. For instance, scenarios that involve a woman ‘catching’ the man masturbating could be liberating, specifically if the girl expresses admiration or lustful feelings while watching the man masturbate. Because many CFNM encounters concentrate on this prideful display of the manhood, it is important that male enthusiasts make sure they have something about which to boast.