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Another initial for the laser market is Picasso Lite’s capability to use easy disposable suggestions or a low-price strippable fibers. SOURCE AMD LASERS.. AMD LASERS launches Picasso Lite soft cells dental laser AMD LASERS today announced the intro of the Picasso Lite soft tissue dental laser. Coming in at $2,495, offering 2.5 Watts of power, and three customizable presets, Picasso Lite is the least expensive and easy-to-operate dental laser beam in the world. It had been designed specifically to replace the archaic use of scalpels and electro-surge in the treatment of soft tissue. ‘With Picasso Lite, we accelerated the paradigm change in dentistry that started with the launch of the Picasso smooth tissue laser in 2009 2009,’ stated Alan Miller, President/CEO of AMD LASERS.The presence of sulphur-containing compounds in garlic prevents the blockage of blood hardening and vessels of the arteries. Ajoene within garlic also helps in avoiding blood clotting. For your heart wellness, consume garlic. It prevents cardiovascular disease. 6. Prevents cancer Garlic includes allyl sulphides that is known to prevent numerous kinds of cancer. People who consume garlic in their daily foods or eat it natural at least twice a complete week, have less chances of developing lung cancer as compared to those that don’t consider garlic at all. Besides garlic contains organo-sulfur compounds that prevent brain mind and cancer tumor.