Completely of children are found to come in contact with excessive arsenic.

Both children and adults exceeded the non-cancer benchmark for acrylamide exposure also. Most worrying was that for every of the toxins, children showed better direct exposure margins than adults. In fact, children exceeded the cancer benchmark levels 10-fold for DDE, nearly 100-fold for dieldrin, and over 100-fold for dioxins and arsenic. Researchers noted that kids are the majority of at risk from these toxins because they are still developing. Health ramifications of the the majority of prevalent toxinsArsenic has been associated with liver, lung, kidney, and bladder cancers.Studies also show that some additives could be carcinogenic, such as various meals dyes, including Yellow Dye No. 5, which is situated in breakfast cereals, carbonated drinks, ice cream, candy, bakery products, and pasta. Additives to avoid consist of aspartame, bromated vegetable oil, BHA and BHT, MSG, nitrites, saccharin, sulfites, and various food dyes. GMOs The proliferation of genetically modified organisms is another example of the devastating effects agribusiness has already established on our food supply. These foods break down the fundamental genetic barriers and permanently alter the genetic code of the plant by merging them with the genes of dissimilar and unrelated species.