ECCO 15 ESMO 34.

All the individuals acquired the BRAF mutation. Dr Chapman stated: ‘What makes this treatment not the same as regular chemotherapy is that standard chemotherapy episodes the machinery involved in cell division; so to stop the malignancy cells dividing uncontrollably, most standard chemotherapy aims to block the system of division by interfering straight with DNA replication or with microtubules in the dividing cells. PLX4302 is different because it episodes the genetic programme that is causing the cells to divide uncontrollably, and we believe the BRAF mutation is driving that program. The drug is certainly blocking the genetics of the tumour, rather than trying to hinder the proliferation of the cells and, as a result, there are fewer unwanted effects, although there are a few.We believe venetoclax's potential in this indication warrants further investigation,’ stated Gary Gordon, M.D., Ph.D., vice president, clinical development oncology, AbbVie. ‘The results out of this research and AbbVie's other abstracts presented during ASH represent the continued progress of our strong blood cancer development plan and demonstrate our commitment to discovering innovative treatment options.’.

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