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The principal outcome measure will be verified disability progression as measured by the Expanded Disability Status Scale . The results achieved in the last Phase III trials of laquinimod support the clinical utility of the compound as a distinctive treatment choice for multiple sclerosis, said Dr. Michael Hayden, President of Global Chief and R&D Scientific Officer, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. We are encouraged by the FDA’s agreement on the trial design and planned analysis, and look forward to further developing laquinimod as a potential treatment choice for RRMS patients.To help expand evaluate this possibility, we cloned the viral genome into the vector pUC19 and sequenced it from two directions. Regarding to sequencing data, the mutant HPV-11 genome included 10,424 bp due to duplication of 2493 bp that include partial L1-LCR-E6-E7-partial E1 sequences . Duplication-particular primers were used to verify the presence of the mutant virus genome in the lung tumor cells and corresponding fixed lung tumor tissue . The pulmonary tumor cells contained around 40 viral genomes per cell. Somewhat surprisingly, PCR analysis revealed that the primary laryngeal tumor lacked the mutant viral genome.