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The task involves three academic institutions or public research businesses, five small high-technology enterprises and one end-user firm in four different countries in European countries . At TUM, ALIAS is definitely associated with the CoTeSys Cluster of Excellence, backed by the German Analysis Foundation as part of the Excellence Initiative. Associated Projects have a mutually enriching romantic relationship to CoTeSys: they build on outcomes from function in the Cluster but enable additional research on brand-new topics originating from specific applications of cognitive specialized systems..Patients were assessed with videofluoroscopy, an imaging method, periodically during treatment and up to 2 yrs after to assess swallowing. Swallowing was also assessed by doctors and through patient report using regular questionnaires. Head and neck malignancy statistics: 35,720 Americans will be identified as having head and neck tumor this full year and 7,600 will die from the disease, based on the American Cancer Society.. ACL injuries are increasing in kids and teens Last year, Alexa Blaszczynski had a banner year when it came to sports. The 7th grade soccer player from Ambler, Pennsylvania, performed on golf club basketball and soccer teams, ran a youth triathlon, and learned to wakeboard, enjoy tennis, and swing on a flying trapeze.