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Some feel that there is no love attraction between them. Extramarital affairs are quite prevailing. In that scenario, sex counseling in Bangalore becomes very important and inevitable. How will it help? They carry out regular meetings with the couples and focus on each problem one at a time. There were overwhelming results in the past where lovers felt a tremendous improvement in their private lifestyle after attending sessions. Counselors are not just psychologists but registered sex therapists aswell. They understand the fundamental cause of the problem and derive strategy appropriately. * Denial or negligence: when there exists a denial or carelessness towards one another, they look for out the repelling elements. Sometimes, couples have reservations about the looks, dressing design or bedroom behavior.Meyers, Ph.D., Qingmin Chen, Ph.D., Todd Borland, B.S., Renta M. Hutabarat, Ph.D., Valerie A. Clausen, Ph.D., Rene Alvarez, Ph.D., Kevin Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Christina Gamba-Vitalo, Ph.D., Saraswathy V. Nochur, Ph.D., Akshay K. Vaishnaw, M.D., Ph.D., Dinah W.Y. Sah, Ph.D., Jared A. Gollob, M.D., and Ole B. Suhr, M.D.: Efficacy and Safety of RNAi Therapy for Transthyretin Amyloidosis Transthyretin amyloidosis is a life-threatening disorder due to the deposition of hepatocyte-derived transthyretin amyloid in various tissues and organs.1,2 Circulating transthyretin comes from the liver3 and may form amyloid deposits in peripheral nerves and in the gastrointestinal tract, heart, and kidneys. Transthyretin can be synthesized by the retina and choroid plexus,4,5 which can result in leptomeningeal and vitreal deposits.