New study reveals A Swedish study on the usage of wifi phones.

Heavier users were discovered to have a 250 percent greater risk of brain tumors compared to those who’d never used cell phones or cordless mobile phones or utilized them for under 39 hours in their lifetime. Brain cancer risk highest on side of head used to phoneThis brand-new study echoes the previous study results of the decade lengthy 13-nation Interphone study, which found a 180 percent greater threat of brain tumor among those who used mobile phones for 1,640 or more hours in their lifetime.The median duration of follow-up was 30 months . Efficacy Progression-free survival was the principal end point. MPR-R significantly prolonged progression-free survival in comparison with MPR and MP ; the MPR and MP groups did not differ significantly with respect to progression-free survival . In a prespecified landmark analysis, lenalidomide maintenance significantly extended progression-free survival right away of maintenance therapy as compared with placebo . The progression-free survival advantage associated with MPR-R was constant across all subgroups of patients defined by stratification elements and baseline features, except those older than 75 years . Heterogeneity of treatment effects between the age subgroups was verified by a substantial treatment-by-age interaction .