On Tuesday her family told supporters.

There are few phrases that can describe what it feels like to have to decide of this magnitude. Although it provides been painstaking to choose to no longer fight and now just make certain her comfort, we are in peace, mother Shannah Rodriguez-Torres thought to CBS Miami. Throughout her disease, Bella tried to improve awareness for other children in her situation. In October 2012 She started a campaign for fun Band-Aids for sick kids with her mother. The cause started when Bella requested an Angry Birds band-aid instead of a normal band-aid. For a kid, something so basic as a child’s Band-Aid, can brighten their day time, father Raymond Rodriguez-Torres thought to CBS Miami. In the midst of something so challenging, something so basic. .. 10-year-old who inspired Live Like Bella motto dies A 10-year-old cancer fighter who inspired many others to live to the fullest passed away this full week, on Tuesday her family told supporters.The values for wild-type reconstituted plasma were very similar to those for normal plasma, however the mutant plasma showed a decreased maximum concentration of thrombin , an extension of the full total duration of thrombin-era activity , and increased thrombin activity, that was assessed as the area beneath the curve for endogenous thrombin potential. The heterozygous-mutant plasma, mimicking the proband’s plasma, showed intermediate values. The 50 percent antithrombin plasma, mimicking the antithrombin-deficient plasma, showed equivalent changes , that have been canceled by the addition of human being antithrombin at a final concentration of 150 percent. These data suggest that the thrombin activity derived from the mutant prothrombin was lower than that derived from the wild-type prothrombin, but its inactivation was slow exceedingly, producing a prolonged procoagulant state in the proband’s plasma.