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And I do cross stitch, hand and needlepoint sewing. Traugott depends upon his wife to do the driving now. He uses low vision aids, such as a hand-kept lighted magnification device to learn the newspaper, something he calls ‘very helpful. ‘I have a little trouble watching it, but I could read. I could get books in large type print,’ Traugott said. Both Drey and Traugott encourage people to see an eye doctor at the 1st sign of a issue. ‘Definitely visit a doctor and have your eyes checked,’ Traugott said. Dr. Medical conditions such as obesity and hypertension. While age-related vision problems will affect a lot of people, Dr. Phan stated there are life style choices that can be made that may significantly decelerate the starting point of the disease. ‘If you smoke, stop smoking. Eat a healthy diet abundant with leafy greens.Molecular studies identified a non-sense mutation in THRA, which is definitely highly likely to be causal because the defect occurred de novo, was functionally deleterious, and was identified in a candidate gene that was closely linked to the patient’s phenotype. Impaired induction of a triiodothyronine-dependent target gene in PBMCs from the patient suggested that such dominant bad inhibition happened in vivo.10,11 Accordingly, we claim that dominant harmful inhibition of wild-type thyroid hormone receptors mediated level of resistance to thyroid hormone action and hypothyroidism inside our patient, with such results being most obvious in cells remained sensitive to thyroid hormone.15 The bradycardia and low blood pressure seen in our patient have also been seen in murine models and could reflect myocardial thyroid hormone resistance or central autonomic dysfunction.