Perhaps explaining why current therapies sometimes fail.

Since NKT cells constitute just 0.1 % of circulating white blood cells, these were easy to miss; just recently have researchers had the techniques to be able to isolate and study them. Th2 cells are area of the adaptive immune system, which requires exposure to antigens before a response can be mounted. They are thought to sort out other cells to cause asthma. On the other hand, NKT cells are part of the innate immune system, which is inborn and prepared to react to external threats rapidly. In the PNAS study February, activation of NKT cells induced asthma individually of eosinophils and B cells. NKT cells will be the ‘BMWs’ of the immune system, says Akbari. They can produce cytokines very rapidly and directly trigger asthma. NKT cells possess another unique real estate: while conventional T cells recognize proteins antigens, NKT cells are triggered by glycolipid antigens.Moreover, it demonstrates AMT’s advancement capability. A future approval of the MAA for Glybera would fully validate our gene treatment approach and our adeno-linked viral vector delivery system. We believe this step offers desire to many patients, as gene therapy could become the therapeutic approach of preference for inherited disorders stated Jorn Aldag, CEO of AMT. The EMA formal review will become carried out via the centralised process, which is the standard route for all advanced therapies. During 2010, AMT expects to supply further updates on the outcomes from its follow-up and ongoing studies, relative to reporting regulations. Resource Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics B.V.. 7th Annual Personalized & Precision Medicine Conference to be kept in Baltimore from Oct.