Poorly Maintained Plumbing Often Leads to Legionnaires Disease.

Poorly Maintained Plumbing Often Leads to Legionnaires’ Disease, CDC Says: – THURSDAY, Aug. 13, 2015 – – As NEW YORK struggles to contain an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, two fresh U.S Can you still go to work if you have shingles? . Government reviews show the bacterias that triggers the potentially deadly illness may take root in an array of water sources. Those sources range from poorly maintained hot tubs, water fountains and cooling towers, the researchers said.

At the seven-year follow-up, spouses of stroke survivors had more health problems of their own, including discomfort, than those whose partners had not had a stroke. In addition they scored lower than the additional spouses on all steps of physical and mental working. Furthermore, 16.5 % of survivors had suffered another stroke. High strain on caregivers increases their risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and premature death, the researchers said. ‘Consequently, it could be assumed that long-long lasting strain impacts health and wellness,’ they wrote.