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Given our findings and the outcomes of other studies, a potential strategy for debulking surgery may be the elimination of all macroscopic residual disease, rather than the elimination of lesions larger than 1 cm in diameter. A potential drawback of neoadjuvant chemotherapy accompanied by debulking surgery is definitely that the occurrence of fibrosis after chemotherapy could make full resection of macroscopic disease more challenging. In conclusion, among patients with advanced ovarian, fallopian-tube, or peritoneal ovarian carcinoma, survival following neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by interval debulking surgery is similar to survival after major debulking surgery accompanied by chemotherapy.And another electroporation research is under method at The Rockefeller University Medical center, this one examining the effectiveness of electroporation coupled with a DNA vaccine against HIV. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105: 13538-13543 .

Allergies may place you more at risk of Parkinson’s disease According to researchers people who have problems with allergic rhinitis may be more at risk intended for Parkinson’s disease later on in life. Scientists at the Mayo Clinic state that risk may be as great as three times that of a person who does not really have the problem.