Beneficiaries would be taken off the drug management system if it is concluded that they are no more at risk, based on the provision. The bipartisan H.R. 1021, which combats Medicare fraud, goes prior to the full House now. AMCP will continue steadily to support passage of the companion and expenses legislation in the Senate.. PRESS RELEASE Alexandria, Va., Feb. 27, 2015 —The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy applauds the home Ways & Means Committee for approving legislation which has measures to prevent prescription drug abuse under the Medicare Component D program, a step very long advocated by AMCP.This gives a more natural effect that may almost sparkle and takes advantage of the latest hairstyle technology. Brunettes are going for chestnut and chocolate shades, steering clear of jet black, again giving even more depth and warmth to locks. 2009 hairstyle colours are adventurous, with more than one color getting the way forward this year. Layers with locks color together, can really dramatically improve and update a hairstyle, ask your locks dresser for multi-tonal color and choose shades across a blended palette for an all natural look.