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An interview with Professor Lesley JonesIn the most recent NIST/UM advance, the planar framework has been replaced by a three-dimensional microfluidic device. The brand new liposome generator consists of a 3-millimeter-diameter glass cylinder including a bundle of seven small glass capillary tubes-each a millimeter across, or around the diameter of a pinhead-with one in the guts and six surrounding it. A micro-sized plastic material capillary can be fed through the center tube and extended simply beyond the finish of the capillary bundle. All of the materials are available at pennies per device commercially.In designating cPMP as a Breakthrough Therapy, the FDA recognizes the life-threatening nature of MoCD Type A, the positive early clinical results associated with cPMP, and the lack of any effective treatment options for infants born with this devastating disease, stated Martin Mackay, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Global Head of R&D at Alexion. ALXN1101 is an innovative strategy to the treating MoCD Type A, as it targets an essential step in the pathophysiology of the disease and the underlying reason behind the condition by replacing the normally occurring cPMP molecule, which can be lacking in individuals with MoCD Type A. Alexion looks forwards to working carefully with the FDA and obtaining FDA help with the subsequent advancement of ALXN1101 for the treatment of individuals with MoCD Type A, including obtaining guidance on generating evidence needed to support approval of the drug in an efficient way.