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Ma, the team has programs to research which non-cancer-leading to HPV types might are likely involved in cancers of the cervix, mouth and skin. The team also programs to develop better diagnostic tests, which would test for all known types of HPV.. 69 percent of healthful American adults are infected with 109 strains of human papillomavirus In what is believed to be the largest & most detailed genetic analysis of its kind, researchers at NYU Langone INFIRMARY and elsewhere have figured 69 % of healthy American adults are infected with one or more of 109 strains of human papillomavirus .Centerview Partners served as economic advisor to Facet Biotech and rendered a fairness opinion to Facet Biotech’s table of directors regarding the the purchase. About Facet Biotech Facet Biotech is usually a biotechnology business focused on advancing its pipeline of five clinical-stage items focused in multiple sclerosis and oncology, leveraging its analysis and development features to identify and develop fresh oncology medicines and applying its proprietary next-generation protein engineering technology to potentially improve the clinical functionality of proteins therapeutics. Facet Biotech offers development collaborations with Biogen Idec, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Trubion Pharmaceuticals.