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According to new research by researchers at Boston University, nevertheless, silver might be stronger than originally believed even; adding silver to antibiotics, it seems, boosts their efficiency against antibiotic-resistant superbugs by up to one-thousand occasions. A different approachThe scientists’ research, in June 2013 which was published in the Research Translational Medicine journal, commenced shortly after a well-known doctor in britain declared that the rise of ‘superbugs’ could trigger an ‘apocalyptic scenario’ in which traditional antibiotics become worthless, leading to widespread vulnerability against illness.The most typical indication for ciprofloxacin was disease of the genitourinary system. Levofloxacin was generally prescribed for infections of the ear, nose, or throat and for various other respiratory and for genitourinary indications. Cardiovascular Loss of life and Total Deaths Among individuals who took azithromycin, there have been 29 cardiovascular deaths through the 5-day course of treatment . Of the, 22 were unexpected cardiac deaths. During matched 5-day intervals among persons who did not take antibiotics, there were 41 cardiovascular deaths and 33 sudden cardiac deaths . During the first 5 days of a course of amoxicillin therapy, there have been 42 cardiovascular deaths and 29 unexpected cardiac deaths .