The Cigna Foundation today announced its $100.

Achilles wins Cigna’s Globe of Difference grant to explore effect of running on kids with autism A Cigna Basis grant to Achilles International can help determine whether working holds the key to better mental and physical advancement for kids with autism. The Cigna Foundation today announced its $100,000 Globe of Difference grant to Achilles International, which includes extensive anecdotal proof showing that strolling and running help people on the autism spectrum enhance their emotional and physical health. Cigna wants to inspire, champion and celebrate people living on the autism spectrum, whether they're crossing a finish off line or taking their first step, said Lisa Bacus, Cigna global chief advertising officer and president of the Cigna Base Read more .

LHE therapy is becoming popular since it is an easy treatment also, with most classes done in just over 10 minutes. The FDA has approved LHE therapy for the treatment of gentle to moderate acne. While different kinds of light therapies might seem attractive, they may also be expensive, and may not be covered by most wellness insurances. If you are looking for a therapy that is milder and less costly, consider many the many herbal therapies that available. Many herbs have been signaled as therapeutic potentially. Some acne sufferers swear by certain herbs, including dark currant seed oil and evening primrose oil.