The nonprofit Consumer Wellness Center for a duration of at least 3 months.

Funding for the research must result from truly independent resources like a government institution or a university with no economic ties to the vaccine producer. This is simply not a satire story or a parody. This $10,000 reward for scientific proof of the H1N1 vaccine effectiveness and safety is being offered in every seriousness. The offer is definitely valid through March 31, 2010. If proof the H1N1 vaccine safety and effectiveness is stated in accordance with the fair requirements published here, NaturalNews will publish a community apology concerning our condemnation of H1N1 vaccines and concern a $10,000 verify to the champion of the incentive within five business days.For instance, in data presented by Dr. Guzzo, ALB-127158 showed high degrees of MCH1 receptor occupancy resulting in a sustained, dose-related reduction in diet in dietary-induced obese mice. The ensuing weight loss of up to 18 percent after 28 times of administration was substantially higher than that from the currently available therapeutic agent, sibutramine. Pounds loss was been shown to be completely due to a decrease in food intake resulting in a preferential decrease in fat shops and was accompanied by significant improvements in glucose tolerance.