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The huge size and high unfavorable charge of RNA molecules prevents their absorption by focus on cells. In many diseases, the demand for vitamin B12 is increased, with a corresponding upregulation of the receptor. Nowotnik, Senior Vice President, Development and Research. ‘These successes with molecules which talk about some of the same physical features as siRNA would show that we should now be able to generate effective formulations of Cobalamin nanoparticles for delivery of siRNA. We realize already from previous work that we can make cancer drugs far better using the Cobalamin approach, and so we have a audio scientific basis for future years development of Cobalamin RNAi therapeutics.’ Cobalamin is Access’ proprietary technology based on the use of vitamin B12 for targeted delivery of drugs to disease sites and for oral medication delivery of medicines that otherwise have got poor oral bioavailability.For example, many older Americans might remember when conventional wisdom told them to take iron supplements to combat iron deficiency. However, recent research shows that too much iron in the diet might sometimes supply a key nutrient that’s needed is for the advancement of disease, Smith stated. His colleague, Eugene Weinberg, a professor emeritus at Indiana University, offers researched the role of iron in disease for two years. Smith earned bachelor’s degrees in biology and chemistry from KU and his doctorate in ecology from the University of Minnesota.