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The International Headache Society defines migraine as an episodic by by acute attacks of pain with associated symptoms to to disability. These symptoms are but are not cause headaches, nausea, after the injurya and phonophobia limited.

This research is important because headache is the most reported reported after a sports-related head injury, as many as 86 % of the injuries are accompanied by some kind of headache, study co-author Joseph Maroon, professor of neurosurgery said at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. We are concerned, even though headache as a symptom in the young athlete with a concussion can be determined, he or she may play again, before the headache and later can second – impact syndrome suffering, though rare, can be catastrophic Maroon says.. Young athletes post – concussion ‘ migraines can more neurocognitive impairment signal high school and college athletes have increased with migraine characteristics after a concussion neurocognitive impairment, suggests the University of Pittsburgh Sports Medicine Concussion Program study released in May of the topic Journal of Neurosurgery.The patients in either group were similar, While view more patients were anthracycline in the lamivudine group as a in controls treated . Dr. Yeo said: ‘These results are clearly show that prophylactic lamivudine significant reduce the appearance of well develop HBV reactivation and hepatitis So I suggest to breast cancer patients who are hepatitis B carriers should, anti. Have – viral treatment before chemotherapy ‘.

Nevertheless helps keep HBV in check during chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Dr. Yeo Associate Professor in the Division of Clinical Oncology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong dealt HBV HBV-carrying breast cancer patients prior with lamivudine , during and for up to eight weeks after chemotherapy.

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