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Steen, M.D., professor of medicine at GUMC, and her colleagues at Pittsburgh analyzed data from the Pittsburgh Scleroderma Database. Steen helped develop the database,which includes demographic, scientific, autoantibody, organ involvement and survival information for 203 African-American and 2945 Caucasian scleroderma patients noticed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center between 1972 and 2007. Related StoriesAbbVie programs to advance ABT-494 to Phase 3 research in rheumatoid arthritisImmune system proteins has potential to avoid onset of aggressive type of rheumatoid arthritisLiposomal sizing and the Coulter principle: an interview with Professor Melvin E.A whole lot of good can come from a simple blood test. Current regulation offers outlived its usefulness when it is no longer a security but an impediment to screening people who do not really know they are at risk of exposure. It’s period we took an aggressive approach to additional helping people get examined for this terrible disease by eliminating barriers to early analysis of HIV illness and increasing access to quality medical care, treatment and ongoing avoidance services – – AB 682 is certainly a significant part of that direction, said Assembly Member Garcia, R-Cathedral City. Assembly Member Huffman, D-San Rafael, added, This expenses can be an important preventative healthcare reform that will increase the number of people who are examined for HIV resulting in a decrease in the amount of people who are unknowingly spreading the condition.