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The 3 Phases of Stress Alarm may be the first stage of stress. An alarm is certainly a reply to any physical, emotional or mental trauma, which generates an abrupt release of tension hormones such as cortisol. Normal levels of immune system resistance diminish, but if the stress is not persistent or too serious, we bounce back again and recover nicely. The second stage is called Resistance. Put simply, if stress elements persist and become chronic, our response changes and we figure out how to adapt or tolerate the stressful stimulus. We increase our resistance in this phase and even though a safe period generally, our immune and others systems are working harder and under even more strain in their attempt to maintain us adapted .Finally, the pain can either be dull or sharp. You should immediately look for urgent medical help if you are experiencing eye discomfort along with redness. In the event that you feel a constant pain in your eye when you move it, then that could be a sign that your eye’s internal tissues are infected. For correct treatment and diagnosis, you need to go to your eye doctor immediately. You could be experiencing eye strain if your eye discomfort has experience without the symptom of inflammation or blurred eyesight. Make an effort to get some rest. You have to visit your doctor immediately when the pain still persist. Observing floaters and spots in your eye are normal generally.