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As Reuters Wellness reports: Traditionally, studies have examined what harms will come from children spending long hours sitting and playing video gaming. ‘We thought – if you received active video games – maybe we can turn this lemon into lemonade,’ Dr. Deneen Vojta told Reuters Health. She actually is the study’s senior writer from the UnitedHealth Middle for Wellness Reform and Modernization at the UnitedHealth Group in Minnetonka, Minnesota. ‘Wouldn’t it be great if instead of beating on children about screen period we turned screen time into a positive?’ she said. Weight loss, more activity To conduct the scholarly study, researchers merely added to an existing weightloss program that they discovered to work for both children and parents.Therefore, Nopal cactus for diabetes treatment is effective. Nopal cactus for colon detox The insoluble fiber present in the cactus works as roughage as well as helps to ensure normal bowel motion. The soluble fibers in Nopal cactus can clean the colon, as they absorb toxins and carcinogens within the colon. Nopal cactus for a soothing stomach The mucilage in the cactus can retain pH stability in the belly and moreover has a soothing influence on the abdomen lining. People affected by stomach swelling and ulcers can benefit immensely by taking Nopal cactus also, as it might facilitate healing of the stomach-related ailments.