Today on the 10th anniversary of the launch of the clinical trials database.

‘I immediately called the trial nurse and she found meet me at work to discuss whether I was permitted take part. I was so impressed with her treatment and professionalism and was delighted to find out that I could join. ‘Becoming on the trial produced me feel empowered. Some control was being taken by me more than my health insurance and doing all I could to greatly help prevent my cancer returning. It’s extremely reassuring to learn that I was component of a study community striving to find a cure for this disease.Clinical Development Program Adocia intends to start a phase IIa scientific trial on type I diabetic patients in order to document the dose-response and dose-exposure of the BioChaperone Combo. This scientific trial is usually to be carried out by the same CRO in Germany, Profil GmbH, during the third quarter of the full year. It will enroll 20 type I diabetics under automated euglycemic clamp conditions with three doses of BioChaperone Combo, insulin glargine and insulin lispro and one dosage of Humalog Mix.