Today to fight proposals with arbitrary limits AARP announced a new campaign.

The campaign, with a multi-million dollar national advertising routine, grassroots and online activities, will engage AARP users and the public around the potential impact that such proposals could possess on current and future generations, and encourage them to contact their people of Congress to oppose dangerous cuts to Social Protection and Medicare. Raised a family. You’ve earned a little satisfaction. Cutting your benefits so Washington pays its bills. ‘AARP believes the united states can do better. Join us.’.. AARP launches advertising campaign to preserve health insurance and retirement protection of older Americans With the national debate heating up on raising your debt ceiling, Today to fight proposals with arbitrary limits AARP announced a new campaign, caps or triggers that would result in harmful cuts to critical Social Security and Medicare benefits that millions of Americans have earned through an eternity of hard work.Foot discomfort is a common problem in the day to day routine of any orthopedic cosmetic surgeon. It can be a clinical symptom of many different issues, from stress fractures to tumors. Multiple imaging modalities can be found to help diagnose specific types of foot pain, but no-one modality pays to for effectively diagnosing a wide range of causes. Imaging with 18F-fluoride PET is highly sensitive tool but has low specificity for recognition of metabolically energetic benign bone disease, while MR imaging provides exceptional soft-tissue contrast and high resolution which assists in specifying a medical diagnosis.