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It features a simple and easy-to-use dilator mechanism and when combined with SpyderTM Minimally Invasive Retractor System, offers a cannulated screw choice for spine surgeons who wish to utilize a guided screw technique in a mini-open incision strategy. The machine is designed to encourage the doctor to make use of an a lot more localized and less-invasive surgical approach on posterior lumbar fusion cases. ‘The S4 MIS Cannulated Pedicle Screw System right now allows surgeons to employ a guided pedicle screw technique with a reduced incision size as an additional choice in minimally invasive backbone surgery’, said Chuck DiNardo, President of Aesculap Implant Systems.So when the first three months of 2013 are viewed together, solar powered energy accounted for 30 % of utility-scale capacity put into the US grid approximately. Again, this doesn’t account for distributed solar, wrote Travis Hoium at The Motley Fool. So it is feasible that solar accounted for around 50 % of total electricity capacity added up to now in 2013. It is these consistently high figures that have caused the industry to task that solar power will become the main way to obtain new energy in the usa next four years. These new figures from FERC support our forecast that solar will continue a pattern of growth in 2013, Resch stated. Distributed solar even more promisingBut many commentators noted that the focus on the FERC survey may be distracting interest from the sort of solar energy most likely to show sustained development: distributed, rooftop solar.