What diagnoses should be considered and whats appropriate management?

What diagnoses should be considered and what’s appropriate management? Case presentation History and examination A 19-year-old college student presented to her GP with the right knee that was painful and swollen. She reported that she have been playing netball when the knee had given way while she was landing from a jump. Questioning revealed that a previous injury had occurred while performing 10 weeks previously netball.. A teenager with an unstable knee A 19-year-old young lady presents with an agonizing and swollen knee after a netball injury.That study, led by SFBR geneticist Dr. John Blangero, and comprehensive in the scientific journal Nature Genetics, utilized genetic material from bloodstream samples from 1,240 individuals in SFBR’s ongoing San Antonio Family Heart Study. The San Antonio Family Heart Research includes approximately 1,400 members of 40 Mexican-American family members in the San Antonio region, who are taking part in a long-term investigation of the genetic determinants of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. That allowed them to rapidly narrow in on genes that likely possess a causal influence on a particular disease or disease trait.