Which appear in the recent problem of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery.

On photographic evaluation, the 940nm laser was more efficacious for larger caliber vessels than 532nm significantly. Both wavelengths were similarly effective for smaller sized caliber vessels. The 940nm diode laser was found to possess higher efficacy for deeper arteries based upon its superior penetration of the dermis with an extended wavelength. In addition, the 940nm wavelength corresponds with a lesser absorption peak of oxyhemoglobin than that for 532 nm, resulting in slower and even more uniform heating of the vessel, stated lead author Emily Tierney, MD, an associate professor of dermatology at BUSM.15 . Bloomberg: Obama Giving People More Time TO SIGN UP In Health Programs President Barack Obama can be wanting to give consumers more time and options to enroll in Affordable Care Act health plans, delaying a credit card applicatoin deadline and enabling insurers in three states to join up customers directly. Consumers may sign up for coverage of health as late while Dec now. 23, for plans that would begin Jan. 1, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services stated yesterday . Fox News: Republicans Cry Foul Over ObamaCare 2015 Enrollment Period Pushback Congressional Republicans accused the administration of shifting the dates for political factors, to cover up a spike in 2015 premiums, though information may be available about 2015 premiums before the elections on Nov already.