With a huge inflatable Rx bottle as a backdrop.

Based on these results, Albireo expects to recruit 180 patients with persistent idiopathic constipation in a US phase 2b study ( under an IND recently placed into effect by the FDA.. AARP members urge Congressman Schock to tackle health care reform While Congressman Schock might be going for a break from Washington, AARP is making absolutely sure he doesn’t get a break from the necessity to repair the broken health care system. With a huge inflatable Rx bottle as a backdrop, armed with prescription bottles filled up with constituents’ personal healthcare stories, AARP associates converged at Peoria Community Library today contacting the Congressman to deal with health care reform when he goes back to the nation’s Capitol in September.Several groups urging consumers to indication petitions, say no to GM salmonSumofUs.org, several workers and consumers centered on preventing large corporations from gaining total control of human rights, like the foods they consume, has truly gone the petition route also. This particular pledge is called ‘Costco: Pledge never to sell GMO salmon’ and features an image of a cartoon-like salmon with three eyes, a Costco tag attached to its side. Around this writing, they were 2 approximately,000 signatures shy of their 50,000 goal. Another website involved in taking on this important cause is usually Modification.org, which is requesting people petition against the chance of Costco offering Franken-salmon.