With more than 20 million children with severe wasting worldwide.

Caretakers were instructed to manage the study drug in addition to RUTF through the initial seven days of therapy. Study Procedures Participants were assigned with their research group when caregivers drew an opaque envelope containing among nine coded letters corresponding to 1 of the three intervention groups. Study and Caregivers personnel involved with clinical assessments and data evaluation were unaware of the intervention assignments. Placebo and Medications had been distributed in opaque plastic bottles, with a plastic syringe marked with the correct dose for the young child.So, it scares me to believe that if this is the state of professional yogis what might be the state of those who are simply beginning this wonderful research. Well, don’t get worried in this article I’ll provide 2 simple guidelines for yoga practice which will go quite a distance in assisting you avoid unnecessary accidents when doing all your practice. After all, you made a decision to do yoga to get healthy and happy, it is totally unacceptable that such a gentle, healing science should become the source of your injury and discomfort. 2 Simple Rules to Avoid Yoga Injuries: 1. Warm-up: Although this is common sense, I have noticed the following special events when warm-up is skipped and the yogi eventually ends up risking injury unfortunately.